Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Spending: Feb 25 - Mar 3

2/25 - $9.03 (debit - shampoo)
2/26 - $2.77 (cash - breakfast)
2/27 - $8.46 (cash - lunch)
2/28 - $32.00 (email transfer to T to pay him back for $5.00 borrowed and pizza ordered last week)
3/1 - $10.15 (debit - snack at movie theatre)
3/2 - No Spend!
3/3 - $9.75 (cash - breakfast for me and hubby) + $62.25 (debit Wal-Mart) + (-0.03) (cash to change jar) = $72.00

Total: $134.41

Wal-Mart breakdown: $23.94 (+tax) home + $4.00 (no tax) groceries + $9.91 (+tax) pet +$20 cash back. The home stuff was 2 plastic bins 1 for the bunny's food (if I leave it out in the plastic bag she chews on it and dragging it in and out of her room was getting to me) and 1 for other things that I can't leave lying around in that room because she would chew on them (mostly related to jewellery items). I also bought a refill for our febreeze scent thingy by the garbage can (stinky!), some large compost bags, and some olive oil (gonna try my hand at homemade pesto!) The pet stuff was food, so she should be good for at least 2 months, I hope.

Well, I have to admit that these weren't all planned purchases but its sometimes easier to just get things at Wal-Mart while you're there than go to the pet store separately. The olive oil was on sale.

I have to admit, its been harder not shopping for random stuff than for clothes. I really thought that would be my biggest challenge. And although my spending was low for the beginning of the week, I bought something everyday except Friday. I need to work on that. Wait, that's my challenge for March ;)

How did your week go?


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