Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Spending Report Mar 11 - 17

3/11 - No Spend!
3/12 - $12.44 (cash - 2 chai shakes @ Body Blitz) + $27.06 (credit - my share of dinner at Mandarin) = $39.50
3/13 - No Spend!
3/14 - $18.55 (cash - TTC tokens)
3/15 - $1.50 muffin (cash) + $8.65 (cash - lunch) = $10.15
3/16 - $30 (cash - T for my share of St Patrick's Day food and booze) + ($0.88) (cash - to change jar) = $30.00
3/17 - $17.80 (cash - lunch for me and cousin) + $26.83 (debit - Shoppers) + $53.17 (debit - Joe Fresh) = $97.80

Total: $196.00

Friday, I broke my no breakfast/lunch/coffee/snacks during the work week challenge, by purchasing both breakfast and lunch! I have no excuse, we were too lazy on Thursday night to prepare anything for Friday. I did bring my lunch on Saturday when I worked OT.

Sunday, well I (if I didn't before) officially broke the Shopping Ban. March hasn't been a good month for me, spending wise. At Shoppers I went in for lip balm, it was on sale so I bought 2. But, I also saw hair dye was on sale, so I bought two of those as well even though I do have one at home. However, considering they are regularly $13.99 (well, the brand I buy) and it was on sale for $6.99 I don't feel too bad. I also bought body lotion (on sale, but not really needed, have some at home) and pocket tissues. My cousin and I went to the St Patrick's Day parade and she was in desperate need of Kleenex from standing outside in the windy coldness.

I also bought a spring/rain coat from Joe Fresh. I don't know why I even went in. I knew if I went in I would break the Shopping Ban. Its a really nice coat and for $49 it wasn't a bad deal, either. But it is against the rules.

I've decided to give myself a break for March (not that I'm planning on going crazy and use this as an excuse to do more shopping). I'm going to start fresh in April and see how long I can go next time.

Well, that was my week. How was yours?


  1. We did OK with spending this week, although I have a post coming up about how we totally stink at budgeting for food.

  2. I think food is hard because some weeks things are on sale and you stock up. Sometimes you need TP or cleaning supplies, other weeks you don't. T buys all the groceries (I contribute $20 a week) so he would know better than me what our grocery budget is.