Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bi-Weekly Budget

Since I am now back to being paid on a bi-weekly schedule (I LOVED being paid weekly, this is the one of the downsides to this job, along with no benefits and no vacation) I have decided to bring back my bi-weekly budgets. I will still continue to report my weekly spending and monthly numbers but my bi-weekly numbers give a good indication of where ALL of my money goes, not just the variables. Plus if I'm tracking bi-weekly it will help me get my monthly numbers together quickly.

So here they are:

Click on them to make them more readable.

So, I'm going to work with these numbers and see how it goes.



  1. You speak Gaelic? That's frickin awesome!

  2. Sorry, wrong post. What a dumbass! What I wanted to say here was it was a big change for me to go from from weekly to fortnightly pays. But I still budget weekly, if that makes sense. Budgets are bigger in the second week, because that's when rent goes out, and smaller in the other weeks.

  3. @eemusings - yes! Conas ata tu? (How are you?) It actually was one of the courses I took in University and I've been trying to maintain it since.

    I'm still going to be tracking weekly (and posting the numbers on the blog) but I wanted to show everyone my fixed expenses and debt repayment/savings that I don't include in my weekly spending numbers as those are strictly variable spending.

    I've always had the issue that one pay period has more coming out than the other, that's why I had to split my Mastercard payment.

    @jpkittie - thanks! :)