Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Budget! :)

I got my payslip today and I have to admit that its been hard working on my actual work because all I've wanted to do was update my budget and put it up on my blog!

I worked on it during my lunch break and now that its afternoon coffee break I'm posting it :)

It's Gail's budget but I tweaked it as I don't have as many categories (no car or children). I put $0 for Visa as I am planning on paying it off (and closing it!) with my tax return.

For those who weighed in on my debate on what to do with my tax return, I have decided to pay off the Visa. HOWEVER, I did make a $1000 payment on the citifinancial loan that will go through tomorrow! So, I'm kind of killing two birds with one stone - well two stones - but it doesn't sound as good ;)

I think this budget is way more flexible in terms of variable spending and is way more in line with what I actually tend to spend on a weekly/monthly basis. With more being put towards savings and debt repayment - Huzzah! And, of course, any "extra" money I make doing overtime will go directly on the debt as well. I really want to make a big dent in this in 2011. :)

What does everyone else think? Is there something I'm missing, do you think I will spend more/less in certain categories???

I can't wait for tomorrow when the $$$ is in my bank account!!! :)

TTFN, Morgaine.

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