Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Spending Report March 7-13

March 7: $15.36 (credit - taxes online)
March 8: No Spend!
March 9: $2.89 (cash - Timmie's coffee and bagel - one of those mornings!) + $50 (debit - gift card) + $11.29 (debit - lunch bag - lost my old one) + $4.80 (debit - birthday card) + $8.46 (debit - lunch) = $77.44
March 10: No Spend!
March 11: No Spend!
March 12: $5.00 (cash - Timmie's breakfast) + $24.26 (debit - personal items) + $32.21 (debit - $5.09 gifts + $9.04 entertainment + $18.08 household) + $5.85 (debit - food) = $67.32
March 13: $20 (cash - lunch)
Total: $180.12

Ok, a bit over what I should've spent this week, I went a little insane at the dollarstore ($32.21) but now that I don't live next to one :( I have to think of all the things I want to get from one and get it all in one shot. I picked up a gift bag and wrap for my friend's birthday (also explains the $50 gift card). I bought some plastic containers for my soap supplies and molds and I bought all the items I need for my St Patrick's Day get-together on Friday (i.e. plates, cups, napkins, etc) plus a pen holder for my new desk at work. I only have $20 left until Thursday but I have no planned spending until then anyways. However, I do owe the fiance for dinner on Saturday and a few groceries that are specifically for the party, which I will promptly pay him for on Thursday and will mark all this down on this week's spending report (when the cash leaves my hand).

I'm very glad that the birthdays are going to settle down for a while (cousin and 1 friend in late April, fiance in late May) and then none in the summer! But there is Mother's Day in May too. Does it ever end?!?

Can't wait until Thursday!!!!!!!!
TTFN, Morgaine


  1. woohoo 3 no spends!!! great job!

  2. I've been averaging 3-4 no spends per week, but when I do spend its been doozies! Still, as long as I'm keeping it within my means (and paying off debt and saving) then I feel that I'm ok.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Yikes, I can relate to the birthday spending - but it will only end when you STOP buying for everyone!

    We are struggling with this right now as we have pared down MY family to no gifts for siblings, $40 for children, $15 for each parent. As for hubby's family... they still like to spend upwards of $50 per birthday. We are trying to keep it to $20 for adults (7) and $40 for children (3), but the pressure is on because they spend so much on us.

    We do NOT buy birthday gifts for any friends or cousins!!! It just gets to be WAY too much otherwise.

  4. I agree in principal, but since all my friends buy me something for my birthday and Christmas, I feel obligated. The last gift was for my bff so it was higher than my normal friend gift (try to stay under $20) also, the fiance paid for half of the gift card as he considers her his friend too.

    I hope to be able to set aside the money monthly like you do to cover these gifts but its been hard enough staying afloat until my raise kicks in. Its almost here :)