Friday, March 18, 2011

Updated Side Bars and Exciting Net Worth News ...

After my windfall of moola yesterday ;) I updated my side bars and totaled up my Net Worth. Not only am I under $10K negative net worth but my net worth has increased by over $10K since January of 2010! Not too shabby for just over a year's work if I do say so myself :)

The only downcast part of my financial picture is that my RSP is losing money :( I've lost about $300 so far, but I'm in it for a longer term so I should (hopefully) get at least some of that money back by the time we are buying our home. If it continues to downslide too much, I may sell the funds and put the money into moneymarket, but I'm a "wait and see" type of gal, I hate locking in my losses.

Yesterday, some money "slipped" out of my fingers: $410! Well, some of it was money owed to T because I couldn't pay for some things during my 2 weeks without pay, the rest, well Once you open the floodgates ... I knew I'd be spending money yesterday and I had been keeping myself pretty tight in spending for the last little bit, I may have went a bit "crazy". I just have to make sure this is a one time slip and not a falling into old habits/behaviours. If I start spending like crazy and thinking that I'm richer than I am, please, someone out there yell and scream at me in the comments! I beg of you! :) The breakdown of the money will be included on my weekly spending report.

We are having friends over tonight for a St Patrick's Day get-together, there's gonna be lots of food (and, ok, lots of booze) and we should have a tonne of fun. I want to tally up everything I spent on this party and hopefully have an update on that on Saturday or Sunday.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone! TTFN, Morgaine

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