Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Spending Report: March 21-27

21: No Spend!
22: No Spend!
23: $11.60 (credit to be repaid from bank account ASAP - ebay bb cream) + $22.01 (cash - my share of dinner) = $33.61
24: $1.21 (cash - Timmies breakfast w/free coffee) = $1.21
25: $10.51 (cash - $3.99 magazine + $6.52 snack) + $10 (cash - dinner) + $20 (cash - theatre ticket) =$40.51
26: $25 (debit - pet supplies) + $7.00 (cash - lunch) + $10.15 (cash - coffee for my coffee machine) + $1.58 (cash - Timmie's) = $43.73
27: $20 (cash - dinner) = $20.00
Total: $139.08

So, only two no spend days :( But I am ok with the amount spent. Definitely a few items that I certainly didn't need. We ate out as more than normal and I bought some snacks and a magazine. Dinner out on Friday was with my Mom and then we went to a local theatre company play. We hardly do these kind of things together so I don't regret that. We went out for dinner and a movie with friends on Sunday (free movie because of a 2-4-1 movie deal) so that was fun. But dinner on Thursday was one of those "I don't feel like making anything" days. We've made progress on having less of those than we used to but there is certainly more room for improvement in this area.

I have $20 to make it until payday on Thursday, I don't foresee any issues, more no spend days this week is what I need :)



  1. i am totally impressed with how well you keep track of your spending! I need to get better at it!

  2. Thanks :)

    This has been the 2nd biggest challenge for me (1st is not spending everything I make ;) )

    What I've been doing is on Mondays when I post the previous week's numbers I start the next week numbers post and keep it as a draft.

    After I make a purchase I either make a note in my note book or keep the receipt and then write in my purchases in my draft post every night before I catch up on my blog reading.

    I think also the fact that I make most of my purchases via debit and that my online bank account automatically tracks my debit purchases so that I only have to track my cash purchases which are few and far between is why I find it easier to track. For cash purchases I write them down in the notebook I carry with me :)

    Thanks for dropping by :D


  3. that is a great idea! I have been using cash to try to stay within budget lately - I wonder if I should save every receipt & then document it at the end of the week? That may work for me (I currently just save my grocery receipts so that I can track my groceries)

  4. That would be the best way. The reason I keep the notebook is that I go out for coffee (too) often and I hate asking for a receipt, so that I would lose track of if I didn't write it down right away. Keeping the receipts for cash purchases would be the way to go. Get an envelope for this purpose, keep it in your purse, and weekly empty it out and track the purchases in a blog post and however else you keep track of your budget numbers.

    Good luck! :)