Thursday, March 31, 2011

March was such a weird month!

Because I didn't get my first paycheque at the new payrate until the 17th (and got 3 paycheques at once) I thought it would be best to also post my bi-weeklies but a bit different. I made March 3-30 with 3 weeks of variables instead of 2. The second one is more for April. I've paid all the fixed categories today but I haven't spent any variables yet so I can't put anything in there yet. But I figured I would include it here so that its understood how my fixed expenses worked for this month.

Although I went over in almost all my variable spending categories I still feel that March was a good month - although it felt SOOOOOO long and just plain weird! But as you can see from the $0.00 at the end of the 1st "bi-weekly" budget, I actually managed to track my money DOWN TO THE PENNY! To me that is just amazing :)

I got my tax refund! I paid off my Visa AND closed it! :) I still managed to make a $1098.00 payment to my consolidation loan and $526.15 to my MasterCard. I didn't accrue any new debt this month as any purchases made to my MasterCard where paid back by the cash in my account. I started my new savings account this month, added $150 to it, increased my emergency fund contribution to $200/mth (up from $150/mth) and increased my RSP contributions from $100/pay to $125/pay.

I'm starting to feel like I may be able to actually achieve my goals and it won't take as long as I thought :)

TTFN, Morgaine

P.S. How was your March? Was it a good money month for you? Was it just me that felt March was a long and weird month?