Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spending "Freeze" and Taxes

So, I started a new job on February 28th which is about half way through the pay period - the first pay was March 3rd. But, since I started 3 days before pay day I didn't get paid on the 3rd, my first pay from this job will be on the 17th. My last job owed me for my last week at the old rate which was paid out to me on the 4th. So I basically need to go from the 5th to the 16th with one week - at the old rate - pay. As it stands at the moment, I still have $200 left. Since I don't spend much during the week, its going to be the weekends that are going to be my real challenges for the next two weeks. And, having my anniversary and friend's birthday in this time period means I have to be extra careful with my money.

But, on the 17th I will be getting 3 weeks of pay at the new rate - hooray! And then I will get my refund - hooray! So, it'll be tight for a bit but then I should be ok. But, I hope I am learning the lessons of spending wisely in lean times and this will carry over to when I have money. I think I've changed ... only time will tell.

Taxes update - I got my last T4 last night and after entering it the amount of refund changed, but only slightly, I will be getting $1187.42 back. So really close.

Anyone else want to pipe in on how I should "spend" this refund? Please feel free to comment on this or my last Tax post with suggestions.

TTFN, Morgaine

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